Shameless Plug About Something I’m Doing Is A Shameless Plug


So I decided to give this Liptember thing a crack.

Aspects of this campaign go against a couple of things I stand for, but rest assured, I’ve rationalised it remarkably well. I usually avoid female-centric charities like a damn plague unless there’s a male equivalent that gets equal the amount of attention. Because dudes have issues too, yo. It’s why I don’t purchase any products with a pink ribbon (although, there are other reasons for that…). But, given that Movember is coming up, it seemed reasonable – in my head – to do this.

I said a little bit about it on my bio for it, and to be honest I’m not quite sure if I want to elaborate or keep this brief, but I’ll see where this takes me.

Mental illness has been something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. I mean, I’m sure I was a happy child, and I’ve been told I laughed a lot and was rather funny, but that’s not the me that I remember. My memories from about the age of 9 consist of a deeply miserable young girl who just couldn’t see the point in trying. And it’s not like I had a bad upbringing. My parents did the best they could, gave all they had, to make sure my brother and I wanted for nothing.

The thing about depression and related illnesses is that there’s not always a moment you can point to and say “There. That’s the one that broke my happiness.” In fact, so much of the time, there’s no distinct moment or event that defines the engulfing sadness that seems to permeate every single day. That blocks out the sun so that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel – just a seemingly endless, dark stretch of time. And then there’s guilt. So, so much guilt when the people in your life who have never experienced this ask why you can’t just be happy. You wish with everything you have that you could. That you were no longer a drain on the people you love, or a burden, or an inconvenience. You watch people laugh and relate to each other and wonder how they do it so effortlessly, so naturally. Why you’re this tiny negative ball of human goo just floating around, and when will this end? Partners will treat you like hobby kits – forever trying to put you together and take responsibility for your issues, who ignore you when you try to scream that you’re not broken, you’re not a fixer upper, you’re just wired a little differently. Oh my, those people can be damaging.

Thennnnnn there’s the “mental health professionals”. I’ve been through many. Jerks, well meaning but incompetent, the ones that were just quick to write a prescription so they didn’t have to hear about your “feelings of lousiness” anymore. (I’m looking at you, Fiona.) The ones who misdiagnose, the ones who won’t diagnose, the ones who constantly change their diagnosis, making you feel like a psychotic anomaly when really, you’re just a human being.

What it ultimately comes down to is that there’s plenty of awareness for mental illness, but it all has a fatal flaw: it presents you as either a victim or a survivor, when really, it’s neither. Like I said before, you’re just wired differently. Sometimes this can be straightened out, sometimes you learn to work around it, sometimes you figure out how to embrace it to enhance your life instead of hinder it. The stigma is horribly unnecessary – everyone has their Achilles’ Heel.

We also have such limited understanding of the human brain, and psychology is, at best, a big game of trial and error. There is no magic cure, no quick fix and no guarantees. That’s why raising funds and the right kind of awareness is so important. Which is why I’m doing this.

I am aware that wearing lipstick every day for a month doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but you have to understand – 90% of the time I look like a hobo. So this is a big deal to me. I don’t girl very well, and I sure as heck don’t have an easy time trying to apply lipstick

Anyway, if you’re unsure of what Liptember actually is, go check out , as I’ve written this with the assumption that you already know what it is. And if you want to help me reach my impossible goal of $1000, you can sponsor me at: or share my profile or this post.

(see, there’s like a little profile there…meow.)

If I do post again this month, it will probably be about this, so get used to it, get over it, and help me out with my own tiny attempt at making a difference.

Kiss Kiss

Love, Roxie


3 thoughts on “Shameless Plug About Something I’m Doing Is A Shameless Plug

  1. I often feel vaguely uncomfortable when I’m wearing lipstick, so I can guess it will be challenging to wear it all month. This is also a very worthy cause. Though I know you don’t like gendered donation drives, a large percentage of women do suffer mental health so it kind of makes sense? Will be sure to donate when I have some money.

    • Yeah I’m already feeling a bit odd sitting in my office with bright lipstick. Could be that IRL I prefer to be more of a wallflower.

      Were it just benefiting women’s mental health as a whole I probably would have avoided it, but some of those funds are also diverted to lifeline – a charity I already support – so it made sense to do I guess

      • Yeah lifeline is good. But the other one – the centre thing looks alright. Had only a quick look at their site.

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